About the artist

Eva Sofia Liljestrand

Somewhere between abstract and non figurativ painting is a place where I create. My art is what's beyond and not always obvious. It's a place where the eye can wonder or rest, maybe find serenity for a moment in a piece created from what's within.

My interest in painting and creating started early when I as a child found peace within myself sitting by the kitchen table drawing. I grew up in a crafts family and was also inspired by family artist friends dedicating their time for art.

When the time came to decide for my self and my academical studies, I choose to combine my art, design and business interest through a multidisciplinary education in collaboration with the University of Arts, Crafts, and Design in Stockholm.

My first exhibition in 2015, Stockholm at Galleri Bellman in a 60 square meter space, where I arrange the exhibition with help from my parents managing the hanging of the art and the catering for the VIP event.

I have always kept my artwork as a hobby alongside my professional career, creating in my spare time. In 2017 I left my career and have kept painting and managed yet two more exhibitions, one in 2019 (joint exhibition) and one solo exhibition in 2020 during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Since 2019, I have decided to focus on water color art and will exhibit as soon as my next portfolio is complete.

Hope to see you then and tune in here for updates on next exhibition!


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