About the artist

Eva Sofia Liljestrand

My art is abstract with a purpose to reflect what's between abstract and non figurativ painting. My interest in art comes from growing up in a crafts family and also being inspired by family artist friends. It later formed also to a design interest and with that I attended courses at the University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm Sweden.

I was born and raised by two hard working parents in Sweden. My academical background is broad and diverse combining Art, Design, Technique and Business resulting in a Master of Science at Stockholm University in 2007. Later followed by studies in Society and Sustainable Development at Stockholm University in 2018.

I started drawing and painting already as a child along with experiencing nature with my parents both in Sweden and abroad. During high school I practiced image aesthetics and have attended a few practical courses during the years to gain knowledge in different artistic mediums and techniques. Nevertheless I am mostly autodidact in my painting.

In 2015 I exhibited for the first time in Stockholm at Galleri Bellman. In a 60 square meter space I arrange the exhibition with help from my parents managing the hanging of the art and the catering for the VIP event. My older brother attended as the door men taking care of the guest list and flowers and my two nieces served refreshments and documented the evening with photos.

I have always kept my art work as a hobby alongside my professional career within the banking sector, creating on my spare time. In 2017 I left my career within the finance sector and has kept painting and managed yet two more exhibitions, in 2019 and 2020 during the Covid19-pandemic.

Since my sustainability studies, I have decided to focus on working with watercolour art and have applied with such to “Vårsalongen” (Spring exhibition 2021) in Stockholm at Liljevalchs. Unfortunately I did not get accepted but hope to apply again in the future.